Our Vision is Simple!

Providing safe nurturing childcare

Welcome to Rhodes Central Preschool Kindergarten

At Rhodes Central Preschool Kindergarten, we endeavour to create a ‘family-like’ atmosphere and recognise the importance of creating a link between home and the centre, where both parents and educators work in partnership to develop the child holistically in a mutually supportive and caring environment. 

We value the importance of play and believe that through play, children develop skills to discover, create, improvise and imagine. We believe that the environment acts as a ‘third teacher’ and is able to inspire curiosity, experimentation, creativity, social and cognitive learning. We believe that children have a right to voice their opinions and embrace the choices they make in a healthy and safe environment.


"We believe our daughters learning opportunities have been maximised through the offering of language teachings, extra curricular classes and a range of exciting new incursions offered by the Centre…. Communication between parents, educators and the director are fantastic. There is a constant flow of information through the story park app which is always up to date and informative. As a parent I feel very included in my child’s day and progress at the Centre as I can follow this daily through the app."
Ong Family
"Awesome place and very well run. Would recommend to anyone considering this childcare. There is a genuine interest in your child's wellbeing and development."
Hull Family
"Rhodes Central Preschool Kindergarten has an excellent professional team providing outstanding service to the kids and parents! They always keep the parents informed for kids updates and progress and offer variety of extra activities. Most importantly, they care about the kids a lot. Highly recommended!"
Li Family